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Heart of Valor
Heart of Valor

L. J. Smith

Publication Date

1990 (first published) 2010 (republished)

Published By



ISBN 9781416998419

Publication Order
Preceded by
The Night of the Solstice
Followed by
Mirror of Heaven

Heart of Valor is the second novel in the Wildworld series by L. J. Smith.


When an earthquake shakes California, Alys, Janie, Charles and Claudia suspect it isn’t just a typical earthquake. A year and a half after their journey into the Wildworld, they believe that the Passage between their world, the Stillworld, and that parallel universe of legend and danger may no longer be stable.

With their parents overseas and the great sorceress Morgana Shee traveling north to find the epicenter of the quake, the siblings are left on their own. But peril lurks around every corner. A magical attack sends the Hodges-Bradley kids’ on a journey that will test all of their skills, including Janie’s sorcery and Claudia’s ability to communicate with animals. 

Morgana’s archrival, Thia Pendriel, is waiting. With Heart of Valor, the Forgotten Gem she has stolen, Thia’s power is almost limitless—and she is ready to spring her trap.


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