Ash and Mary-Lynnette: Those Who Favor FireBibliographyBlack Dawn
Dark AngelDark ReunionDark Visions
Daughters of DarknessHeart of ValorHuntress
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Mirror of HeavenNight WorldRematch
Secret VampireSoulmateSpellbinder
Strange FateThe AwakeningThe Captive
The ChaseThe ChosenThe Forbidden Game
The FuryThe HunterThe Initiation
The KillThe Night of the SolsticeThe Passion
The PossessedThe PowerThe Return: Midnight
The Return: NightfallThe Return: Shadow SoulsThe Secret Circle
The Strange PowerThe StruggleThe Vampire Diaries
Thicker Than WaterWitchlight
File:Black Dawn Cover.jpegFile:Dark Angel Cover.jpgFile:Dark Reunion.jpg
File:Dark visions omnibus.jpgFile:Dark visions the passion.jpgFile:Dark visions the possessed.jpg
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File:Forbidden Game Chase cover.jpgFile:Forbidden Game Hunter cover.jpgFile:Forbidden game collector's edition.jpg
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File:Night World No 2.jpgFile:Night World No 3.jpgFile:Night World series by L.J. Smith
File:Nw-wordmark.pngFile:Nwbadge.jpgFile:OldSchool-Dark-Visions-Cover the strange power.jpg
File:Secret Vampire Cover.jpgFile:Secretcirclebadge.jpgFile:Soulmate Cover.jpg
File:Spellbinder Cover.jpgFile:Strange Fate.jpgFile:The Awakening.jpg
File:The Captive.jpgFile:The Chosen Cover.jpgFile:The Fury.jpg
File:The Initiation.jpgFile:The Night of the Solstice.jpgFile:The Power.jpg
File:The Secret Circle.jpgFile:The Secret Circle trilogy.jpgFile:The Struggle.jpg
File:The Vampire Diaries.jpgFile:The Vampire Diaries series.pngFile:Theforbiddengame cover.jpg
File:User Profile.jpgFile:VDN Return Nightfall.jpgFile:VDR Midnight.jpg
File:VD Awakening.jpgFile:VD Dark Reunion.jpgFile:VD Fury.jpg
File:VD Struggle.jpgFile:Vampire-diaries-return-shadow-souls.jpgFile:Vdbadge.jpg
File:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Witchlight Cover.jpg

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