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The Captive
The Captive

L. J. Smith

Publication Date

1992 (first published) 2008 (omnibus editions)

Published By

HarperPaperbacks (1992) HarperTeen (2008)


ISBN-10: 0061067156 ISBN-13: 978-0061067150

Publication Order
Preceded by
The Initiation
Followed by
The Power

The Captive is the second novel in The Secret Circle series by L. J. Smith.


Adam and Cassie have sworn not to love each other for the sake of their beloved leader Diana. But Faye has caught them in their one embrace. Now she uses it to blackmail Cassie, forcing Cassie to lie to Diana and to dig up the strange crystal skull that gives them all such dangerous visions. Meanwhile, students are being murdered, and the witches are under suspicion. And Faye wants from Cassie the ultimate betrayal: her vote for Faye as coven leader.


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