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Dark visions the passion
The Passion

L. J. Smith

Publication Date

1995 (first published)

2009 (republished as omnibus edition)

Published By

Pocket Books (1995 edition)

Simon Pulse (2009 edition)


ISBN-10: 1416984836 (1995 edition)

ISBN-10: 1416989560 (2009 edition)

Publication Order
Preceded by
The Possessed
Followed by

The Passion is the third novel in the Dark Visions series by L. J. Smith.


Kaitlyn and the others manage to acquire a key artifact that may help them in their struggle against Mr. Zetes, who had nearly obliterated their chance of defeating him in the previous book. In a stunning betrayal of the fugitive psychics, in spite of his infatuation with Kaitlyn, Gabriel has abandoned them and sided with the Zetes Institute, joining his group of corresponding dark psychics. Disbelieving Gabriel's defection, Kaitlyn leaves Rob, Anna and Lewis, and infiltrates the institute, feigning loyalty to Zetes herself and telling Gabriel she is in love with him to smooth her entry back. However, Kaitlyn must work to convince Zetes, Gabriel and the other members of the institute of her loyalty. Ultimately, Kaitlyn is forced to come to a final decision of who she really loves, Rob or Gabriel, and find some way to permanently shut down the dreaded Zetes Institute. 


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